Stop minimum wage fraud!

Many people in Brandenburg still receive too little money for their work. They are being deprived of the statutory minimum wage, even though they are entitled to it. Be it in the asparagus field, in the orchard or in construction. And the statutory working hours are also frequently not observed.

This is not a trivial offence, but a criminal one. Because no matter where you come from or where you work: You are entitled to at least 9.50 euros per hour in Germany – 13 euros for some public contracts. Help ensure that this minimum wage is complied with and report any violations to us!

I want to report a minimum wage violation

Are you receiving too little money yourself or do you know someone who is affected by minimum wage fraud? Use this form to report your suspicion of working time or minimum wage fraud to
DIE LINKE. Fraktion im Landtag Brandenburg.

We will forward your information anonymously to the Finanzkontrolle Schwarzarbeit of the Customs and stay on it. If customs do not react quickly, we put pressure in the state parliament so that Brandenburg authorities carry out controls in case of violations of the minimum wage allocation and so that Brandenburg is campaigning in the Federal Council for more minimum wage controls and better staffing at customs. You can also call us. Call 0331/966 15 54 to reach the responsible specialist.

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